About Me
I used to build businesses, now I write rhymes.
There’s been stranger times,
than an entrepreneur who writes rhymes.

I’ve travelled globally and had my success,
been on TV and papers, for which can attest
that I progressed to the end of a material quest,
only to have never found true happiness.

So now, I do what brings me light:

Write and recite words to ignite
the excitement in people to reunite
a world where division is an oversight.
I hope my poetry will help bridge disconnection,
provide people some thoughtful introspection
at the intersection of a collection
of topics from all different directions.
Because I write raw radical reflections,
to inspire points of inflection
of people’s perception,
in a world that needs a resurrection of connection.
In a previous life,

I’ve collabed with brands, founders and high performers from:

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I draw portraits with words and write lessons in rhymes.
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