I write and recite rhymes,
to ignite new paradigms.
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I’m enamored by people, love, and art--
the very definitions of those are where I like to start,
because the wisdom that I want to impart
is that business, poetry, or anything
can actually be art,
as long as is it’s built from the heart.

To Serve

"To serve is to see suffering, but continue to choose love. To serve is to choose love over fear. To serve is to serve, full stop."

Partly inspired by David Brooks’s 2019 book “The Second Mountain”, “To Serve” revisits a challenging yet profoundly spiritual experience wherein I began questioning my purpose.

Serving is not to choose who or when to serve--to serve is to just be a person of service. True service is synonymous with unconditional love.



I’m here to tell you the truth:
“You are a saver.”
”You are a fixer.”
“You are a carer.”
But for yourself.

Once you see that and start to believe that you deserve the love that you so readily give away--every single waking day--
then maybe you can start to fill your own cup.

You are you: the man of love you’re so overdue.

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