Read my reflections in rhymes—
on life, love, and people in their primes.

Broken And Mended

I know it feels like broken times,
the darkness and sorrow feel like perpetual crimes.
But I want you to know that with darkness comes light--

Blade of Truth

It’s sharp, short and shining,
In the light of everyday,
Sometimes you see it, but either way it’ll stay,
In broad daylight of your day, waiting there to slay,
The parts of you that are fighting, fiercely forcing you astray

Best or Forgotten

I need to be the best--like literally the best.
This isn’t in jest, or to pump up my chest,
but genuinely,I’m just obsessed to be the best.
And this applies to everything: Work, business, reading,
The acts of the mind, the acts of the heart--
There’s something inside me that just won’t depart;
That says, “I need to be the best--like literally the best.”