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Into Me, You See

You have a voice that speaks to my soul.
When you speak to me, all of me feels whole.
You have eyes that see through my masks.
When you see me, no part of me asks.

You have a presence that comforts my fear.
With you my anxieties disappear.
You have energy that holds sacred space.
When you’re here, there’s no judgment to face.

You have a heart that heals hurt holes in me.
When you’re here, I see there were never holes in me.
You have lungs that breathe in my anxiety.
When you exhale, I experience angst sobriety.

You have ears that hear all my stories.
When you listen, I see they’re made-up worries.
You have arms that will hug my inner child.
When you hug me, his love for me is wild.

You have a tongue that will tell me truth.
When you speak, I can only see proof.
You have lips that kiss my heart.
When you kiss me, my heart restarts.

You have a nose that can smell my pain.
When you’re here, I no longer restrain.
You have wisdom that bends my mind.
When you share it, my pain’s left behind.

You have love that loves me to feel free.
When you love, I can finally just be me.
You have love that into me you see.
When you’re here, I have true intimacy.

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